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» Contrac pakaging laboratorie

Mario A. Cricca s.a. 35 Years of experience on design & development of Blister Packaging Systems. We have our own laboratory, offering blistering services and final conditioning. Our Objectives consist in assisting and give solutions to the Pharmeceutical Laboratoties in their process of packing and integral development of Blisters. We work continually in reaching the latest requirements in the international norms that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices.

» Our Services
We Give a personalized Costumer Service attention Rapid response capacity. Blister design according to costumer needs. Large tool format inventory. Design printed aluminum foil.
» Quality assurance
Operating Procedure Manual. Master Validation Plan (Implementing). Qualified Installation service and equipment. Permanent training program. Internal and external auditioning program. Conditioning process guide.
» Quality control Laboratorie

We Have an intense experience in designing all type of Blisters in PVC, we manufacture PVDC, Acclar and aluminun, in different pharmaceutical forms and shapes also Dietary Supplements: Tablets Soft and hard capsules Syringes, ampoule, needles ALU/ALU Blisters BLISTERING PROCESS IN SEPARATED INDIVIDUAL AREAS Temperature and humidity control working area PVC Sanitary Floors Laminated glass separations permitting a clear view of the production process. Sanitary angles in walls, floors and ceiling. HIGH TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT Color Vision Camera MAC III S-2000 Blister Machine Localize Vacuum system in loading equipment. Thermo Packer Machine. QUALIFY FILTERED AIR SYSTEM IN SOLIDS PACKING AREA Air Difusers design for pharmaceutical clean areas in ceilings with floor level return. Air Treatment and filtration systems with volume regulation and high efficiency absolute filters (Class 10.000 filtered air) STAFF AND MATERIAL PASSTHROUGH CONTROL SYSTEM Doors open and close locking control system and differential pressure control in production transfer openings.
» Conditioning
SECONDARY CONDITIONING We give manual and automatic packing service of the different pharmaceutical forms. We Have a Promatic model Bipack carton packer machine with a flexible format exchange that permits us to pack a variety of products. Blisters Jars Ampoules Disposables
» Supplies
PROVISION OF PACKING MATERIAL We can provide all the material needed in the packing of any product. PVC PVDC ALU -ALU Printed Aluminum We have qualified providers that supply us first class materials.