Measures: Front 520Mm.  Height 650Mm. Prof 660Mm.

Weight: 92 Kg.

Mobile equipment with wheels

Work Range: Between 10° C and 25° C

Capacity: 4500 Kcal./H

Cooled-Air condensation, vertical flow.

High performance laberintic chiller

Case built in Steel N° 18, Anti Corrosive treatment and Metalized Acrilic finish

Cooler Gas frontal display

Cooler liquid frontal display

Removable electric panel on front

Electric command, completely programmable.

Incorporated Centrifugal Pumps .

Presostatic Protection

Cooler Gas R22.

Automatic expansion Valve.

Diferential and termic protection.

Regulated condensation temperature.

Condensation air filter, washable and removable.

Chilled water entries through back panel.

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